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Lic. Hernando Hernández, CPP is the Academic Tutor who coordinates a group of Experts in different areas of security who have participated in some of the Diplomas and/or courses available.

Hernando, together with the Technical Tutor Fernando Chirulo from Qualitas Learning, LATAM Microsoft Partner, manage a Platform created to specifically train these topics.

To see a summary of Hernando's CV HERE

Antonio Romanelli, CPP: Appointed for the period 2021-2022 as Director Member of the Professional Standards Board (PSB) of ASIS INTERNATIONAL along with 20 other Director Members from all Continents. This body is responsible for the development of security standards in liaison with ISO and ANSI. The headquarters will be ASIS INTERNATIONAL in Alexandria, VA, USA.

Óscar Baladán, CPP, CPBIP, Past President of Chapter 284 Montevideo Uruguay, current ARVP (Assistant to the Regional Vice President), for Region 8C for Uruguay and President of ASIS Association of Security Professionals of Uruguay. Óscar is a renowned international speaker on the topics of emergencies and business continuity.

Ing. Raúl Lamas, CISSP is a distinguished expert in information security.

CrIo.Gral ( R ) Jhony DIEGO. Jhony is the current Police Chief of the Department of Colonia in Uruguay and is an expert criminalist and research teacher.

Dra. Laura Nahabetián Brunet, Doctor of Law, Magister in Sciences of Legislation and Political Ruler and in Constitutional Law, University Professor specialized in Government and Digital Administration, Consultant to the OAS and the UN and author of various Books and International Lecturer.

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