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Our "JOINT INVESTIGATION TEAM", gathers Certified knowledge, Security Advisors, Criminalistics Experts, Lawyers and Psychologists and in addition, we use advanced technology, such as the CVSA, or "Computerized Voice Stress Meter" for its acronym in English, which allow us to identify with high precision the veracity of the statements.

All this is part of our Investigations, mostly virtual, for the Public and Private Sector, highlighting the efficiency in Prevention for the selection of sensitive Personnel (Military, Police, private Security and other critical Positions) and Post-Incident Investigations, to identify the Innocent and truthful. Many countries use this technology with singular success.

Our comparative advantage is having almost a decade of experience in understanding how this technology works with our culture, in various countries of the Region. The following video quickly explains how we use it:


  • It is NOT based on "perception" or "discrimination"

  • It is NOT INVASIVE to the person

  • There is NO known countermeasures

  • YES it is VIRTUAL

  • It adapts to ANY LANGUAGE.

  • YES It allows to conclude with high precision about the TRUTH

Corporate investigations

Experienced professionals and advanced technology allow us to verify the veracity of the information and provide the following services:

  • Selection of key personnel, suppliers and for decision in acquisitions.

  • Voluntary labor investigations.

  • Internal checks of complaints of misconduct.

  • "Due Diligence" (corporate holdings, financial reports, etc.)

  • "Compliance" (Audits of compliance with Standards and Policies, etc.)

  • Informatic security.

  • The "CME" service (Against Electronic Measures) is also provided, to avoid listening to your cell phone, reserved meetings or even remote filming. Certified personnel with modern technology will carry out an on-site Expertise that includes detections and recommendations for security improvements.

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